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ernie I started producing in 1999 with a program which was designed to create small loops of 16 beats with 8 different samples. It was possible to change things while playing. I enabled the repeat button and started recording live. The first tracks where recorded like this. The best of them is Metro. It has the shape of a track, but not more than that. I still like them, they are weird and funny.


stoeltjesgeschift In my second year i'll switched the program with Cubase. Lots of people use this right now, i only used it for five tracks: Machine II, Warning, Twn, The box and Kwiklie. I didn't knew that it was possible to use synthersyzers and other machines so i used wave files. I'll placed all beats, hats and vocals manualy, one by one. I took hours to build a small piece of music, but i liked it, so who cares!


finger This year i'll switched again. This time i started using Noise Trekker. It's a tracker program like Fasttracker without mouse support. With this i created 9 tracks. One of them sounds very good, it's called Church Attack. After building a few tracks i could allmost use the program with my eyes closed. Trackers programs are cool and very fast while creating tracks. The only disadvantage was that it only supported wave sample for so far i know. Till...


drunk Till i found Fruityloops. Damn, at the moment i run te program for the first time it feld like to be in a bar filled with pr0n stars All those buttons you could press! In this year only four tracks where created. It was a bad year, four months sick at home and i had to leave school. Two of the created track are very good: Kyrano and the Kyrano Remix. I still like the vocal in the original Kyrano track. I got it from a Thunderbirds dvd.


muaythai A total of 15 tracks came out of my brains. Some are realy cool with dutch vocals like: Sjors and Oom agent geeft alles, but the best of the tracks this year was Distorted bitch. I finaly knew what sound i like to produce: just noise that sounds like music. I also sent a demo cd to Pendeho Records. I'll got some good comments from MC Justice but the track where not good enough, but i didn't knew what was going to happen one year later. I didn't change software this year but i changed my domain name to Teringherrie.nl.


bzrk This year started with a contest. For this contest i made Three ways to tha core. I am still on a third place because the contest never finished :P. Somewhere in June i'll got a message from Pendeho Records, they heard the track Energetic Enumeration and would like to release is on the Proud 2 Be Hardcore Compilation cd. This was my first real release. I couldn't beleave it, until i had the cd in my hands last week. ... Proud 2 Be Hardcore!


head I made, after a little break, my start in 2005. The break took 3 months because i really couldn't invent something to build a track around, yes that happens sometimes. First track this year was Microtron. Microtron is a name that has been build out of 2 word: the english word 'Microwave' and the dutch 'Magnetron'... but why sould i call a track like that? After Microtron there came "Fornicate under command of the king" (or F.U.C.K), i still like the break. After creating two more tracks there came a contest. I decided to make a slow and clean track, no noise this time. I called it "Castles" because of the vocal. I tought the track was good, but the contest jury didn't liked it because of the style. The last track this year was again for a contest, the same as the last one. So i switched the style to useless noise. This track, "McKinder kabaal", has some child songs and the McDonalds sounds. This time the jury rated it higher than "Castles".


fire My goal for this year was to get another track on cd or vinyl. I made some tracks of good quality and putted more attention to the mastering process. After that i started sending some demo's to labels, but there was no response. They aren't rid of me just yet! Maybe next year...


jas My goal for this year was to get another track on cd or vinyl. I made some tracks of good quality and putted more attention to the mastering process. After that i started sending some demo's to labels, but there was no response. They aren't rid of me just yet! Maybe next year...


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